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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You will need to confirm with your tutor, lecturer or supervisor whether you are permitted to use Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT in your assessments. If it is used ALL the content that is generated must be referenced.

AGLC Interim Guidelines

The AGLC4 editors have released interim guidelines stating that, “our guidance is to broadly follow rule 7.12 (page 125 of AGLC4) which deals with Written Correspondence.”

Output from [program], [creator] to [recipient], [full date].

Example 1:

1 Output from ChatGPT, OpenAI to John Smith, 23 February 2023.

Example 2:

2 Output from ChatGPT, OpenAI to John Smith, 23 February 2023. The output was generated in response to the prompt, ‘Provide an overview of the creation of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation’: see below Appendix A.


  • AI must be listed in the bibliography under the heading ‘Other’ (see Rule 1.13). In the case of ChatGPT, the creator's name and recipient should appear first (for example, OpenAI, ChatGPT to John Smith, Output, 23 February 2023).
  • Discursive text may be used in the footnote to provide information about the prompts used to generate the output, in accordance with Rule 1.1.5.
  • An appendix may be used in order to provide comprehensive information about the series of prompts and outputs used to generate the output.