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Need help with referencing styles? Start with this helpful guide.

Citing First Peoples' knowledges

For help in citing First Peoples' knowledges you can refer to the toolkit Indigenous Referencing Guidance for Indigenous Knowledges. It provides direction on the respectful attribution of knowledges. It also includes decision making tools for selecting appropriate sources, and for adhering to the protocols and responsibilities attached to citing First Peoples' knowledges.

The referencing examples in the toolkit are displayed in APA style. These can be reformatted to align with other referencing styles.

The guide is based on the Victorian context but can be applied to the acknowledgement of First Peoples' knowledges nationally.

For further advice about referencing and citing protocols for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources, refer to the Australian Government Style Manual section for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

The Library guide First Peoples' knowledges has more information.