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Legal encyclopaedias and dictionaries


Legal encyclopedias (Rule 7.7)

Publisher, Title of Encyclopedia, vol (at Full date) Title Number Name of Title, 'Chapter Number Name of Chapter' Pinpoint [Paragraph number].
5 Westlaw AU, Laws of Australia (online at 21 November 2018) 33 Torts, ’33.2 Negligence’ [33.2.210].


Dictionaries (Rule 7.6)

Online dictionary

Dictionary Title (online at Date of Retrieval) in brackets 'Entry Title' (def Number).
12 Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (online at 15 February 2019) 'academic misconduct' (def 2).

Hardcopy dictionary

Dictionary Title (Edition Number ed, Publication Year) 'Entry Title' (def Number).
8 Australian Law Dictionary (3rd ed, 2017) 'academic misconduct'.


  • When citing a print version of a legal encyclopedia, a volume number should be included along with the date of the last update to a chapter (not the date of retrieval).



Law Reform Commission Reports (Rule 7.1.4)

Author/Name of Law Reform Commission, Title, (Report/Discussion Paper No Number, Full Date) Pinpoint.
Australian Law Reform Commission, For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice (Report No 108, May 2008) vol 1, 339 [7.7].


  • The type of publication ("Report", "Discussion paper", 'Issue Paper", etc) should be included as the document type.


Looseleaf Services (Rule 7.8)

Publisher, Title, (online at Date of Retrieval) Pinpoint.
JW Carter, LexisNexis, Carter on Contract (online at 20 February 2018) [04-001].
CCH Australia, Australian Intellectual Property Commentary (online at 20 February 2018) [¶7-000].


  • Where an author of a service is clearly identified, the author's name should be included before the publisher, followed by a comma.
  • Pinpoints should refer to paragraphs and be placed in square brackets.
  • If the publisher eg. CCH uses a paragraph symbol ¶ this should precede paragraph numbers.
  • Online looseleaf services - include the date at which the entry was retrieved.

Internet materials

General Rules (Rule 7.15)

Author, 'Document Title', Web Page Title Document Type, Full Date [Pinpoint] <URL>.
International Committee of the Red Cross, Engaging with Religious Circles on Islamic Law and IHL (Web Page, 24 May 2018) <>.
Judicial College of Victoria, '4.2 General Case Management', Civil Procedure Bench Book, (Bench Book, 27 April 2016) <>.


  • A source should only be cited according to this rule if it does not exist in a published form and no other rule AGLC4 applies.
  • Include the author only if an author is indicated on the webpage being cited (person or body).
  • Where the author and web page title are the same, leave out the author field.
  • Document types include 'Blog Post', 'Forum Post'. If not clear use 'Web Page'.
  • The date should be, in order of precedence:
    • Full date of web page's last update
    • Full date of creation
    • As much of the date that appears (eg year)
    • Where no date is indicated, leave out the date field
  • Web pages usually won't have pinpoints - where they appear on the web page, pinpoints are usually paragraph numbers.