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Reference list

Author AA. Title of lecture [format]. Place of Publication: Publisher; Date of Publication [Date cited]. Available from: 'website address'

10. Mehta H. Pharmacokinetics [Lecture notes on internet]. Sydney: Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Health Sciences; 2018 [cited 2018 September 4]. Available from: 


Mehta (10) ................



  • Vancouver is a numbered system. All sources appearing in the reference list are listed in the order that they are first cited in the text (not alphabetically)
  • The reference list is a numbered list and should be single spaced with one line space between each entry
  • Only the author's initials are included regardless of the presentation of the author's name in the source document. Use no more than two initials
  • The citations here use round brackets, but square brackets, [], or superscript may also be used
  • The citation numbers are static. The same number should be used for the same source each time it is cited
  • Capitalise the first letter of the first word of the title only. The first word of the subtitle is not capitalised
  • For multiple authors, check the author layout table for in-text and reference list format