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In-text & Works Cited list

Author Layout Table: In-text and Works Cited list

No. of Authors/ Editors Author Prominent Citation Information Prominent Citation Works Cited list
One Abrahamson theorises that... (46) It has been proposed that ... (Abrahamson 46)

Abrahamson, Mark.Urban Sociology: a Global introduction.Cambridge Universtiy Press, 2014.

Two Helen and Boyd propose that the role of gender...(221) It is clear that gender has played a significant role...(Helen and Boyd 221)

Bee, Helen, and Denise Boyd. The Developing Child 12 ed., Allyn and Bacon, 2014.

Three or more Brouillette et al. ponder the meaning and impact of contemporary literature. (xv) Literature has developed at different paces in varying cultures. (Brouillette et al. xix)

Brouillette, Sarah, et al., editors. Literature and the Global Economy. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Corporate Author United Nations Environment Programme claims that...(42) There are a number of viable methods for sustainable development in rural areas. (United Nations Environment Programme 42)

United Nations Environment Programme. Towards a green economy: pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication. UNEP, 2011.


  • List authors/editors in the order they appear on the work you are citing
  • List the first author/editor with the surname first
  • Subsequent authors/editors are listed with the first name first
  • When there are three or more authors/editors, only the first author is listed, followed by et al.
  • When citing a work with two authors, use only the surnames and join them with 'and'
  • When citing a work with three or more authors, use only the firs author's surname, followed by et al.

Secondary citation

Works Cited list

Brouillette, Sarah. "#YOLO." Literature and the Global Contemporary, edited by Sarah Brouillette, Mathias Nilges, and Emilio Sauri. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, 67-82.


Garrett (qtd in Brouillette) ......

........ (qtd in Brouillette)


  • Secondary sources should only be used if the original source can't be found
  • An original source is preferable to a secondary source
  • The Works Cited list entry lists only the source consulted
  • The abbreviation 'qtd' is used to indicate the secondary source in in-text citations