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Reported cases

General Rules

Parties' names (Rule 2.1)

  • Place the case name in italics.
  • Only the first plaintiff and first defendant should be cited (do not include '& Anor' or '& Ors').
  • The Crown - should be abbreviated to 'R' where the Crown is the first named party. Where the Crown is the respondent, 'The King' or 'The Queen' should be written.

Year and Volume (Rule 2.2.1)

  • Round brackets are used around the year for law reports organised by volume number.
  • Square brackets are used around the year for law reports organised by year (if more than one volume is produced in a year, include the volume number in the citation).

Law Report Series (Rule 2.2.2)

  • The name of the report series is abbreviated - see Appendix A of AGLC4 for a list of abbreviations.
  • The authorised version of the case should be used where available. (Rule 2.2.2)
  • Abbreviations for Report Series can be found in Appendix A.

Starting Page (Rule 2.2.4)

  • The starting page of a case always forms part of the citation and is separate from the pinpoint.
  • Only the starting page is cited.
Case Name Year (in round or square brackets depending on Reporter) Volume Law Report Series Starting Page Pinpoint.
Chamberlain v The Queen (No 2) (1984) 153 CLR 521.

Unreported judgments

General Rules (Rule 2.3)

  • Place the Parties' names in italics. (Rule 2.1)
  • Media neutral citations should only be used where the citation was allocated by the court itself. See the table on page 55 of AGLC 4 for a list of unique court identifiers and details on when the courts allocated medium neutral citations. (Rule 2.3.1)
  • Pinpoint references should appear as paragraph numbers. (Rules 1.1.6-1.1.7)
  • A case should generally not be cited as unreported if it has been reported. (Rule 2.3.1)
Case Name Year (in square brackets) Unique Court Identifier Judgement Number Pinpoint (paragraph number in square brackets).
Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v SZIAI [2009] HCA 39 [2].