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Need help with referencing styles? Start with this helpful guide.

Facebook & Twitter

Reference List

Author, AA Year, Title of/First few words of tweet/message, Name of social media platform, Day Month (of status update), viewed day month year, <http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
The Verge 2018, Huawei gets caught faking DSLR shots...,Twitter, 20 August, viewed 22 August 2018, <>.


The Verge (2018) reported on twitter.....


  • Use Facebook, Twitter, etc. as the name of social media platform
  • If there isn't a proper author name, user the username/handle/pseudonym/alias instead
  • If citing multiple entries from one day, include the time after the date, e.g. 8 January; 9:50 AM
  • Where there is no post title, use part of the text of the post, of up to 160 characters (including spaces)

Blog post

Reference list

Author, AA Year, Title of blog post, Title of Blog, format, Day Month (of post), viewed day month year, <http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Allen, E 2015, The future is now, Library of Congress Blog, blog post, 21 October, viewed 22 August 2018, <>.


.... "made for a point in time some 25 years later" (Allen 2015, para. 3).


  • If no proper name is given, the author's username may be used instead
  • If the author puts multiple posts up on the same day, include the time the entry was posted.- e.g. 12 November 13:53
  • If you are referencing a comment from a blog, use the name of the commenter instead of the author of the blog post and change the format to blog comment
  • If the post is long, refer to the paragraph number in your in-text citation
  • If you are using the whole blog and not an individual post, do not include the Blog Post Title and change the format to blog