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Facebook & Twitter

Reference list

[#] A. A. Author, "Title of post." Facebook. Accessed: Abbrev. month day, year. [Online]. Available: https://xxxxxxxx  


[5] New South Wales Dept. of Education, "Did you know that all canteens in NSW public schools will be healthy canteens by December 2019." Facebook. Accessed: Apr. 18, 2019. [Online] Available:


[#] A. A. Author, "Title of tweet." Twitter. Accessed: Abbrev. month day, year. [Online]. Available: https://xxxxxxxx  

[9] B. Gates, "New ways to prevent and treat malaria are within reach. They’ll make it possible—with the right funding and commitment—to end malaria." Twitter. Accessed: Sep. 9, 2022. [Online]. Available:


Gates [9] announced …

as mentioned previously [9]


  • Accessed date is included because links are subject to change.
  • Do not add a full stop at the end of a URL.
  • For multiple authors check the author layout table for in-text and reference list format.