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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You should seek clarification from the Lecturer-in-Charge (LIC) of your unit to see if it is permissible to use AI tools in your assessments. 

Check the MLA Style Center for any updates.


  • If you use an AI tool such as ChatGPT to paraphrase, quote or include content in your work you must cite the tool in the Works Cited list.
  • It is recommended that you acknowledge in a note or within your text if you have used the tool to edit your prose or translate words.

Works Cited 

Title of source, Name of AI Tool, version, Company, Date, URL

"Name one advantage of using solar heating" prompt. ChatGPT, May 24 version, OpenAI, 10 May 2023,


An advantage of solar heating is that it "reduces the consumption of fossil fuels" ("Name one advantage"). 


  • For the Title of source, you describe what was generated by the AI tool including the prompt if this is not included in the text.
  • The Title of the source is used as the entry in the Works Cited list
  • The AI tool is not considered to be the author
  • Use the day the chat was generated as the date
  • Abbreviate month names greater than four letters: Jan., Feb., Mar.,  Apr., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
  • For ChatGPT the version number is available under the search box