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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You should seek clarification from the Lecturer-in-Charge (LIC) of your unit to see if it is permissible to use AI in your assessments. 

Check the Chicago Manual of Style Online for any updates.


You acknowledge the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT in-text accompanied by a numbered footnote. You do not need to cite the tool in the bibliography.


...ChatGPT wrote that "dramatic irony creates tension and suspense as the audience knows more than the characters." 2

...When prompted with "Name one advantage of using solar heating?" the ChatGPT response was that it "reduces the consumption of fossil fuels." 3

First Footnote

2  ChatGPT, response to "Why is dramatic irony effective?" May 10, 2023, OpenAI,

3 Text generated by ChatGPT, May 10, 2023, OpenAI,

Subsequent Footnotes

3 ChatGPT, response on fossil fuels


  • Details of the prompt (response) can be included in the text or in the note.
  • If you have edited the AI response make a note in the text or at the end of the Note, e.g., "edited for style and content."
  • Use the day the chat was generated as the date
  • ChatGPT is considered the author and OpenAI is the publisher or sponsor of the content
  • Adding a URL is optional as the reader cannot access the same cited content
  • Do not cite ChatGPT in the bibliography