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Need help with referencing styles? Start with this helpful guide.

Image from a website or database

Author-date citations are not normally used to cite images. Instead, put the full information about the image into a caption directly under the image or in parentheses within the text of your paper.

If a reference list is required, please see below.

Reference list

Artist or creator Last Name, First Name. Year of Creation or Completion. Title of Work. Medium. Dimensions (if applicable). Museum Name, Museum Location (if applicable). http://xxxxxxxxxxx.

Matisse, Henri. 1905. The Open Window. Oil on canvas. 55.3 x 46 cm. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. https://www.

Le Corbusier. 1943. Club de Centre Rural: Perspective Sketch. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago.


(Matisse 1905)

Matisse (1905) illustrates this...


  • The title of the image is in Italics
  • For works consulted online add the URL
  • Words in the titles and subtitles are capitalized, except articles and prepositions
  • If an artwork does not have an exact date, use an approximate date preceded by ca. (short for circa) e.g. ca. 1450
  • if image is from a database, e.g. ArtSTOR, use the url of the image supplied in the database (often under "cite this item" menu)