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Chicago B (Author-date)

ACU Library guide to Chicago B: author-date referencing style

Chicago (Author-date)

In the Chicago Author-Date style the sources are cited in-text rather than in numbered footnotes. The reference list is arranged in alphabetical order by author at the end of the paper matching the in-text citation sources.

Our examples are based on the Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMOS 17) with particular reference to chapter 15, "Author Date-References."

The Q&A and the Citation Quick Guide sections of the Chicago Manual of Style Online can also be used for further guidance.

You can also use resources from the Academic Skills Unit on: referencing basicsacademic integrity and academic writing to develop these skills. Workshops and consultations are also offered.

General notes

Check the sample reference list for guidance on the complete list

  • If the author's given name is provided, use the full name.
  • The first author's name is inverted for the reference list but not the remaining authors.
  • Words in the titles and subtitles are capitalised, except articles and prepositions.
  • If the book is not a first edition, place the edition number after the title of the book, for example, Book Title. 2nd ed.
  • For multiple authors check the author layout table for in-text and reference list format.