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Leganto reading list

Lecturer guide


Leganto is the University's copyright compliance tool and reading list management system.  It is a comprehensive, dynamic reading list tool, which allows lecturers to create off-campus links to library resources such as journal articles and books/ebooks, digitised book chapters, as well as freely available online content.

With Leganto, you can easily ...

  Create structured, annotated reading lists that include all types of materials.

    Allow selected collaborators (ACU staff) to help edit/manage lists

    Use analytics and reports to gain insight into usage of materials

    Roll over and keep your reading lists up to date


Leganto Update Feb 2021

Students can only see reading lists for units they are enrolled in.

When students click on an external tool link in LEO to their leganto reading list (see image below), this tells Leganto that they are enrolled in the unit and have the right to see the associated reading list. Students only need to do this once, Leganto will remember this for the future.

If a student sees the error message (below) ask the student to click on the the Reading List external tool link in LEO to access the reading list. The student will only need to do this once as Leganto will remember them for the future.

If the student continues to have problems after trying the Reading List external tool link, contact the Library.