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Roll over an existing leganto reading list

You can roll over an existing Leganto Reading list for use in other LEO Units, for example in units taught at different campuses or in different teaching periods.

If you think that you (or one of your colleagues) will want to re-use a reading list, DO NOT DELETE the list at the end of the teaching period. Deleting the reading list will permanently remove it from Leganto, and it cannot be recovered.  If you don't want the list showing up in your My Lists view, remove yourself as a collaborator instead.

To roll-over a reading list:

1. Start from the (new) unit in LEO where you want the rolled-over reading list to go, and add a link to Leganto using the External tool. Click on the link to Leganto you created in LEO to open Leganto.


2. Select the Leave this page and explore the application link to go to the My Lists page in Leganto.






3. Locate the reading list on the My Lists page that you would like to copy (to view all your reading lists you may have to remove the filter at the top of the screen).

Then, choose the Roll over list option that appears under the ellipsis on the right hand side of the screen.







a. From the association options, choose the banner unit code for the unit you are rolling the list across to.

You can look up a course by the unit name or code (e.g. MKTG).






b. Choose if you would like to roll over or reset section dates, public tags (e.g. recommended, required) and collaborators.  Then select the Roll Over button.








c. Make sure you edit and update the reading list title for your new reading list - removing (Rolled Over) and any old course information in the Title.

4. Update the readings on the rolled over list (as required)

5. Add any notes or tags that you require.

6. And lastly, don't forget to finalise your list by sending it to the Library for processing (as the library needs to check copyright for the new semester and attach any scans) and publishing the list so students can see.