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Leganto reading list

Lecturer guide

Troubleshooting and Frequently asked questions

Is the list published? This might fix the issue.

If the list is published but is still not accessible to students, check that the Leganto reading list is associated to the correct Course/Unit number.

Is the student enrolled in the Unit? Students will only be able to see reading lists for units they are enrolled.

To add a chapter from a print book to your reading list:

To add a chapter from a print book to your reading list:

  1. Search for the book title and add the citation to your reading list (don’t search by chapter title)
  2. Edit the citation to identify it as a book chapter. Include the chapter title, chapter number, and page numbers so the Library knows exactly what you want
  3. Add a "Digitise" tag
  4. Send the list to the Library for processing.

OR Email the details of your request to

You will need to add the item to Leganto (either by manually creating the item; or importing item detail by using the Cite it! button) and then add a tag to indicate it needs to be purchased by the Library. You can also contact a librarian to discuss.

Make sure that 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser.

Some web pages can't be read by the Cite it! tool. If this happens, create a record manually (make sure you include the URL of the source).

The sooner you can send a list (or a section) to the library for processing the better! 4 weeks before the start of semester/teaching period is recommended.

Yes. The Library can arrange this for you. Send your requests to

Leganto allows you to export a reading list. It will save as a Leganto .lgn file. You can import your reading list from this file if you accidentally delete your list.

Contact us to discuss.