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Leganto reading list

Lecturer guide

About Leganto

Leganto is the University's copyright compliance tool and reading list management system. Academic staff can create links to library resources such as journal articles, books, ebooks, digitised book chapters, as well as freely available online content.

With Leganto, you can easily

  Create structured, annotated reading lists that include all types of materials.

    Allow selected collaborators (ACU staff) to help edit and manage lists.

    Roll over and re-use reading lists.

Access to Leganto

To activate enrollment in a Leganto reading list and allow view access, students must click on "Reading List" from the Canvas unit menu. This action also initiates their ACU credentials, allowing access to the vast resources purchased by the library for research and education.

Location of reading list in the Canvas menu
Reading list is located below Grades and above Echo360 in the Canvas menu.

The Library's role

The library can:

  • create Reading Lists
  • roll over Reading Lists
  • process any readings that require attention (for example, purchase resources, scan print material, source copyright compliant material)
  • upload and manage our digital repository of scans
  • ensure copyright compliance for all resources
  • check and maintain currency of resources
  • troubleshoot student access issues to Reading Lists
  • support academic staff use of Library resources through the email, training and consultation.

Please note that if we don't have required print resources, it may take 4-6 weeks for them to become available to students.