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Leganto reading list

Lecturer guide

Create list in leganto (using the Create It Wizard)

1. Click on the Leganto link you created in LEO using the External Tool. 

If a reading list is not already attached to your LEO unit, you will be presented with the 'Welcome to your course materials page'.

Under 'You are about to create a reading list for the following course' the Banner CRN for your unit in LEO will display.  If no CRN displays,  go back to your LEO unit, edit the settings and ensure a valid CRN appears in the Unit ID field in LEO.  

2. Click on the 'Create it' button and follow the steps in the Wizard.  

3. A title for your list is automatically assigned (based on information from banner) and includes the semester and year of the current course.  Alter the title so it starts with the Unit Code. Click Create.

4. Select a Template. If you select the Module or Weekly template, sections (e.g. week or module numbers) will be automatically created ready for you to populate with readings. If you select a blank template you will need to add sections to your reading list.

Templates without dates, such as the 'Weekly Sections Without Dates' Template and the 'Module Sections' template is recommended if you think you will roll a reading list over for use in other units/semesters.

Organise your list using sections

If you selected a Weekly or Module Sections template, the reading list will automatically be organised into sections ready to populate with readings. 


If you selected a blank template you will need to add sections to your reading list before you can add your readings. To do this:

1. Click on New Section.



2. Type in a title and description for the section. 

3. Select Create.


Note, the start and end dates are visibility settings.

Add further sections as needed and drag and drop them in the order required.

You are now ready to add readings to your reading list.

Add / manage collaborators

You can add additional ACU staff as “Collaborators” to view and edit a Reading List. 

In the panel on the right side of the screen, under the Collaborator accordion there is an option to Manage Collaborators

Click on the Manage Collaborators link to search for your colleague/s by name.



Once you have located your colleague/s, click Send invitation. The staff member will receive an invitation via email, and their name will appear on the list of collaborators.










You can manage access rights by clicking on Manage collaborators again.

  • Manage will give a collaborator full control and the ability to add, edit, remove and change resources and sections; delete the entire list, and add/remove collaborators to the list.
  • Edit rights allow users to add, edit, remove and change resources and sections. 

When finished select Close.