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Use Mendeley to manage your references and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley Reference Manager is the latest version of Elsevier's reference manager. It is a free reference management tool that can be used to: 

  • store all your references in one location 
  • insert citations in Word using Mendeley Cite 
  • automatically sync your library between multiple devices 
  • organise your thoughts, PDF annotations and highlights using the built-in notebook 
  • collaborate and share in real-time 
  • participate in the Mendeley academic social network. 

ACU staff and students have access to Mendeley Institutional Edition. This entitles users to additional storage. See Mendeley Institutional Edition (below) for more information.

Unlike EndNote, Mendeley is not supported by the University.

Which reference management tool is best for me?

Use this table to compare some key features of EndNote Desktop, Mendeley Reference Manager, and Zotero.

Feature EndNote Desktop Mendeley Reference Manager Zotero
Ease of use Harder to learn initially Easy to use Easy to use
Cost Free for ACU staff and students Free Free (up to 300 MB)
Storage capabilities Unlimited

Free account: 2GB

ACU Institutional Edition: 100GB

300 MB (users can pay for extra storage beyond 300 MB)
Software support

ACU Library supports EndNote (guide, webinars and consultations)

EndNote website provides online training materials

ACU Library guide

Mendeley website provides online training materials

ACU Library guide

Zotero website provides online training materials

Word processor compatibility

Microsoft Word

Apache OpenOffice

Apple Pages


Microsoft Word




Microsoft Word




Google Docs

Number of reference styles Over 6,000 styles Over 10,000 styles via the Citation Style Language (CSL) repository Over 8,000 styles via the Style Repository
Operating system compatibility Windows, Mac Windows, Mac OS X or later, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux

Cloud storage and syncing via EndNote Web

Register for an account

Cloud storage and syncing available

Register for an account

Cloud storage and syncing available

Register for an account


Premium product

Advanced features

Easily customised

Easy to edit reference styles

Supported by ACU

Easy to use

Collaborative, social networking functionality

Easy to use

Great for importing records from non-traditional sources such as websites

Best suited to Users comfortable with reference management systems

Undergraduates who have never used a reference management system

Researchers sharing papers and networking

Undergraduates who have never used a reference management system

Table last updated September 2022. Contact ACU Library for more information.

Install Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley Reference Manager consists of three integrated applications:

Mendeley Reference Manager, Mendeley Cite, and Mendeley Web Importer can all be downloaded from the Mendeley website.

How to use Mendeley Reference Manager

For guidance on using Mendeley, see:

Mendeley Institutional Edition

ACU staff and students have access to Mendeley Institutional Edition. This entitles users to greater benefits than the free version, including:

  • 100 GB personal storage (compared to 2 GB)
  • 100 GB shared storage (compared to 100 MB) 
  • up to 100 collaborators and 1,000 groups. 

If you are already using Mendeley, you can link your account to the ACU institutional account. Sign into your Mendeley account or create a Mendeley account using your ACU email address. Upgrade to the Institutional Edition by visiting the ACU Mendeley Group page. You should then receive an email that confirms your account has been upgraded. 

Known issues

Mendeley Cite, the Microsoft Word add-in required to generate citations in Word, is currently blocked in the ACU Office 365 environment. Staff can request installation of the add-in on their work computers via Service Central. Once the add-in has been deployed by Service Central, follow these steps to display the Mendeley Cite add-in:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click 'Insert' on the menu bar, then click 'Get Add-ins'.
  3. Click 'Admin Managed'.
  4. Select 'Mendeley Cite' and click 'Add'. If Mendeley Cite does not appear, select 'Refresh'.
  5. The Mendeley Cite button should now appear on the menu bar.

We are currently seeking a solution for students who have ACU Office 365 installed on a Mac (who also seem to be affected). Research higher degree students who cannot install the Mendeley Cite add-in can request assistance from their relevant librarian team. Undergraduate students are advised to install Zotero or EndNote in the meantime.

Information for Mendeley Desktop users

Mendeley Reference Manager will replace Mendeley Desktop in the long run. As of 1 September 2022, users are no longer able to download and install Mendeley Desktop. Existing users of Mendeley Desktop will continue to be able to sign into, use, and sync their Mendeley Desktop. Longer-term, you will not be able to sign in to Mendeley Desktop. For more information on how to transition to Mendeley Reference Manager see:


Use the Mendeley Support Center.

The library provides limited Mendeley support. Contact us to see if we can help.

Guide last reviewed: 9 November 2022