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Link to library resources

This guide provides instructions on creating and sharing links to library resources.

Important change to linking options

EZproxy authentication services ceased working in December 2022. To allow students and staff access to library resources when off-campus, please ensure all EZproxy links are updated to OpenAthens links using the OpenAthens Link Generator (see option 3 below).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Library Digital Services.


Lecturers can share links to library subscribed resources (such as journal articles and ebooks) with their students in a number of different ways.  

Option 1: Create a Leganto reading list

With Leganto, the University's dynamic reading list tool, lecturers can create tailored reading lists with links to library resources. Use our Leganto Guide to learn how to create a Leganto reading list and embed in LEO. 

Option 2: Share a link from Library search

Permalinks in Library Search (ACU Library's search engine) are the quickest and easiest way to create a permanent link to Library content.

Record in ACU Library Search for an online book called "New ways of studying emotions in organizations".  The permalink option that appears under the book details is marked in red.


Option 3: Generate an OpenAthens link

To create OpenAthens links, paste one or more DOI links or stable (persistent) links to online library resources into the generator below.

Permanent links and/or DOI links are easy to find in most library databases. Look for linking icons or for terms such as DOI, Permanent URL, Permalink, Bookmark URL, Embed/Link, Deep Link, Document URL, Share or Stable URL.


  1. Paste one or more old EZproxy links, DOI links or permanent URLs into the generator. Select Generate.
  2. New OpenAthens links will be created.
  3. Test your links work and you can access the full-text (if possible, test off-campus without the VPN).
  4. Copy the content created in step 2, for use in LEO or elsewhere.

If you need help, contact Library Digital Services.


Further help

Contact Library Digital Services if you have any queries.