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ACU Research Data Management Toolkit

This toolkit will help you to determine your research data management needs and create a data management plan that documents how data will be managed during the research process and after the project is completed.

Storage and access

Consider the questions on the Research Data Management Checklist. These will help you to determine what you need to look for in storage and access.

When you evaluate your storage options consider:

  • How long is the storage accessible?
  • How do you logon or authenticate?
  • How secure is the storage?
  • Is it backed up or replicated?
  • What recovery options does the storage have?
  • Does the storage have version control capability?
  • How much does the storage cost?
  • Will the storage become obsolete in the near future?
  • Who controls the storage and under what terms and conditions?

Data formats

The choice of format for your data will affect the lifespan of the data, and will determine how that data may be used, analysed, backed up, stored and potentially re-used in the future.

ACU Researchers should save their research data using standard, durable formats that most software can easily interpret (or that can be migrated to a new format easily at a later date), to avoid being unable to use the data, either during the project or in the future.

Factors influencing the selection of file formats and software for data include:

  • Method of data analysis
  • Hardware used
  • Software available
  • Discipline-specific standards

You should document any special hardware and software requirements as part of your data management plan.

Supporting information

Storage for ACU Researchers

Researchers should ensure that all research data is stored securely and backed up or copied regularly. It is recommended that you store your research data in storage facilities provided by the University rather than rely on personal, portable storage devices. 

ACU researchers have a range of digital storage options:

  • ACU Storage. ACU IT  offers up to 1GB secure and backed up storage for your research group or project
  • AARNet CloudStor. Allows you to store and share files in the cloud. Provides up to 100GB of data free of charge. Sign in with your ACU username and password.
  • SpaceShuttle. storage solution by Intersect that enables secure transfer, storage, management and sharing of large amounts or active research data. Sign in with your ACU username and password.

Contact ACU eResearch Services for more information.