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Finding scholarly journal articles

Conducting your company search and industry analysis

Steps for conducting company research

Determine whether the company is public or private

Public companies are listed on the stock exchange (see ASX company list). They release detailed information on a quarterly basis and are easier to research.

Private companies are not listed on the stock exchange.  They are not required to release information about themselves publicly and can be challenging to research.

Subsidiaries are companies whose voting stock is more than 50% owned by a controlling (or parent) company. Parent companies are not required to report on each of their subsidiaries, so these can be challenging to research.

Find annual and company reports (public companies)
Locate details of company ownership and structure
Find financial data on a company
Locate key competitors or compare companies
Find case studies
Search for current news about a company
Find scholarly or peer-reviewed articles about a company

When you’re conducting company research, don’t forget to:

  • Explore key competitors
  • Look at the company’s website to see what information is available, such as history or press releases
  • See what information is available through the company’s social media sites
  • Research the industry in which the company operates

Where to find different types of industry information

Industry snapshots or overviews
Australian industry reports
Key factors affecting industry performance
Industry news and current topics
International industry reports and profiles
Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles

Company and industry websites

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Human resources

Information technology

Marketing and management

News and video