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Research Impact

This guide outlines the resources and support available for ACU researchers to track their research impact.

Key sources of citation data for ACU staff and students


Tool Content and coverage

Provides Author Analyser, Citation overview tracker, Journal Analyser, h-index/h-graph tools.

Coverage 1996-present for more than 22,000 journals.

Web of Science

Provides a collection of full text and citation index information gathered from scholarly journals, books, book series, reports and conferences. The Web of Science Citation Report provides aggregate citation statistics for a set of search results (such as an author search) and calculates the h-index.

Coverage: Science Citation Index (1900-present), Social Sciences Citation Index (1900-present), and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present)

Essential Science Indicators

Draws on Web of Science data to provide ranking lists for field or research by researchers, institutions, countries and journal title. Enables analysis of papers against 'top', 'hot' and 'highly cited' indicators, field baselines, and citation thresholds.

Coverage 2004-present.

Incites InCites is a web-based research evaluation tool that draws on data from Web of Science. The tool allows you to analyse institutional productivity and benchmark an individual output against peers worldwide. You can also use InCites to identify and analyse existing and potential collaboration opportunities.
Google Scholar Provides information about who is citing your publications and graphs of your citations over time. Covers all types of literature, not just journal articles. It can be difficult to count the number of of publications by authors or groups and how often they are cited because of the large numbers of duplicate records.
ACU Research Bank Institutional Repository for the research outputs of the staff and post-graduate students of the Australian Catholic University. The increased visibility of research outputs located in the repository helps to disseminate ACU research to the wider research community, potential enhancing research impact and citation rates. 
Publish or Perish Free, downloadable software that draws on Google Scholar data.


Quick reference impact measures

It is recommended that you use a range of metrics appropriate to your discipline and relevant to the context in which they are being used.

TASK: Prioritise reading TASK: Select where to Publish TASK: Add to online researcher profile
Impact per publication Impact per publication h-index
Journal Impact Factor InCites Journal Citation Reports percentile benchmarks
Citation count SNIP: Source Normalised per Paper scholarly activity online
Percentile benchmarks Impact per Paper scholarly commentary online
Journal Impact Factor social activity online
TASK: Support promotion & tenure portfolio TASK: Develop collections TASK: Benchmark a collection of research outputs
h-index Impact per publication Percentile benchmarks
Percentile benchmarks SJR:SCImago Journal Rank/InCites Journal Citation Reports Category Normalised Citation Impact
scholarly activity online SNIP: Source Normalised per Paper h-index (if in the same fields)
scholarly commentary online Impact per Paper  
citation count Journal Impact Factor