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Public Health

Start looking for resources in epidemiology, health promotion and health statistics with the aid of this guide.

Key Databases for Public Health

You search Databases to find journal articles on your topic.

Grey Literature

Grey literature refers to both published and unpublished research material that is not available commercially. A search of grey literature is one way to address potentially biased reporting of research results in published material.
Some examples of grey literature are:

  • conference papers/conference proceedings
  • theses
  • clinical trials
  • newsletters
  • pamphlets
  • reports
  • fact sheets, bulletins
  • government documents
  • surveys
  • interviews
  • informal communication (e.g., blogs, podcasts, email),

Grey literature can be the best source of up-to-date research on some topics such as vaccination for children in remote areas of Australia. Note however that grey literature is usually not subject to peer review and must be evaluated accordingly.

There are a number of sources where grey literature can be found. These include:


The Internet is now a major source for dissemination and retrieval of grey literature and often is a good starting point to a topic area.


  • WorldCat which holds millions of holdings from numerous libraries world-wide
  • Large libraries like the Australian National Library which often collect grey literature in paper form