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Open access

This guide provides information about open access and new models of scholarly publishing, funding policies and compliance, and issues associated with copyright.

Australian Funding Mandates

ARC Policy Compliance Chart

ARC and NHMRC policy compliance flowchart

ARC Open Access Policy Changes

The  ARC Open Access Policy was established January 1, 2013 and has recently been revised. Version 2017.1 was issued on 30/06/2017 and is available for viewing on the ARC Website .  In summary, the new version of the policy requires that:

•Any publications arising from an ARC supported research project must be deposited into an open access repository within a twelve (12) month period from the date of publication.

•Metadata for all research outputs should be made available within 3 months in an institutional repository. This applies in all cases.

• Authors apply a Creative Commons By Attribution License (CC-BY) to open access publications in order to specify access and usage rights that are consistent with the policy.  Whilst the ARC's preference is for CC-BY, it is acceptable to apply any of the options available through the Creative Commons suite of licenses. Please note that  ARC strongly encourages creative commons licensing.

The policy applies to scholarly publications but does not apply to research data.

Research Bank is the Institutional Repository at ACU. 

How can ACU researchers meet open access funding requirements?

 ACU Research Bank icon

It is not necessary  for research to be published in an open access journal in order to meet open access funding requirements. Deposit of the authors accepted manuscript  into Research Bank meets the conditions of both Australian and International Open Access funding mandates.

What is an authors accepted manuscript?

The authors accepted manuscript is the version of your article that has been through the peer review process (with revisions made), and has been accepted for publication. An authors accepted manuscript has not been through the final copyediting or formatting process and should not include publisher formatting, branding, pagination or copyright statements. The content of the output should be identical to the final published version.

To deposit the authors accepted manuscript of your article into Research Bank, contact Library Research Services.

Research Funding and Article Processing Charges

Publishing in an open access journal is supported under the ARC and NHMRC Open Access Policies. Both the ARC and the NHMRC allow for up to 10% of the project budget (direct costs) to be allocated to the payment of article processing fees. Because project budgets and dissemination pressures vary, funded researchers must decide which open access option is most appropriate for their circumstances. Self-archiving  an open access version of a manuscript in an institutional repository incurs not cost to researchers.