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Research methods

Other sources of research methodology information

Emerald publishing produces a series of 'How to...' guides for researchers.  For example:

  • How to... use crowdsourcing as a research tool
  • How to... use mixed methods research
  • How to... design a survey

The full list of guides can be found on their Research methods and methodology webpage.

Theses can be helpful sources of information about research methodology. 

You can use the Library's Search to find theses.  There are also a number of collections available online.

Searching the Library collection for resources

Use the Library's Search to find research methodology resources in the Library's collection.

  • For titles with a broad coverage, try the search terms:  research methodology OR research methods
  • Add a subject term to focus your search to a specific discipline.  For example: education research methodology
  • Or, search for specific research methods. For example: mixed methods research |  survey research |  narrative research