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This research guide will provide you with starting points for finding information on literature.

Key resources for Australian Literature

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Australian literature resources available on the Internet

Selected works on Australian literature and writers

Australian writers in focus


ABC News Interview with Kim Scott following his winning the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for That Deadman Dance

Pan Macmillan Australia interview with Kim Scott


Can you anchor a shimmering nation state via regional indigenous roots?: Kim Scott talks to Anne Brewster about 'That Deadman Dance'. (2012). Cultural Studies Review, 18(1), 228-246.

Hughes-D'Aeth, T. (2014). For a long time nothing happened: Settler colonialism, deferred action and the scene of colonization in Kim Scott's That Deadman Dance. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature.

Wang, W., & Li, H. (2015). An Analysis of That Deadman Dance from the Perspective of Eco-criticism. English Language and Literature Studies, 5(1), 131-136.

Books, articles and interviews

Beardwood, Robert. and O'Shea, Rosemary. and Roberts, Timothy, eds. The imaginative landscape. Elsternwick, Vic: Insight Publications, 2008. Print.
Call number: CC 808.042 IMAG

Otto, Peter. "Rereading David Malouf's Flyaway Peter: The Great War, Aboriginal Dispossession, And The Politics Of Remembering." Australian Literary Studies 24.1 (2009): 35. MasterFILE Complete. Web.

Randall, Don. "Charismatic Masculinity In David Malouf's Fiction." Australian Literary Studies 25.1 (2010): 71. MasterFILE Complete. Web.

Taylor, Andrew. "Origin, Identity And The Body In David Malouf's Fiction." Australian Literary Studies 19.1 (1999): 3. MasterFILE Complete. Web.

An Imaginary Life. Video interview with David Malouf from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.




As a film poem of a poet and conservationist, At Edge communicates a relationship between the poet and her bush environment.

Love and Fury celebrates the life, work and love of two remarkable Australians - Judith Wright and H.C. 'Nugget' Coombs. Their clandestine relationship over 25 years has been one of the best-kept secrets in Australian literary and political public life.


Books & Articles

Dunlop, Eliza Hamilton. The Aboriginal Mother and Other Poems (1981). Print.

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Lee, Christopher. "An Uncultured Rhymer And His Cultural Critics: Henry Lawson, Class Politics, And Colonial Literature." Victorian Poetry 40.1 (2002): 87-104. Art Source. Web.


Books, articles and videos

Paterson, A. B, Whatley, Bruce, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Mulga Bill's Bicycle and Other Classics (2005). Print.

Paterson, A. B, and Macartney, Frederick T. The Collected Verse of A.B. Paterson : Containing The Man from Snowy River, Rio Grande, Saltbush Bill, J.P. ; with an Introduction by Frederick T. Macartney. (1921). Print.

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Books and articles

Webb, Francis, Meere, Peter, and Meere, Leonie. Francis Webb, Poet & Brother : Some of His Letters and Poetry (2001). Print.

Webb, Francis, Griffith, Michael J, and McGlade, James A. Cap and Bells : The Poetry of Francis Webb (1991). Print.

Griffith, Michael. "Francis Webb: "The poet of our desolation"."Southerly 42.2 (1982): 189. Web.

Rowe, Noel. "Francis Webb and the will of the poem." Southerly 47.2 (1987): 180. Web.


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