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ACU Research Data Management Toolkit

This toolkit will help you to determine your research data management needs and create a data management plan that documents how data will be managed during the research process and after the project is completed.

What is a research data management plan?

A Research Data Management Plan is a document that describes how you will  collect, organise, manage, store, secure, back up, preserve and share your data during and beyond the project lifecycle. It deals with matters such as retention and disposal, archiving, accessing, sharing or publishing the data, and conditions or restrictions for data reuse.

Why should I create a data management plan?

A data management plan can:

A plan allows you to document your strategy for managing your research data. It reflects your data management decisions and can also be used to record questions and items for action. It's a living document and can be updated as your project develops and your data management strategy is refined.

ACU Data Management Policy 1.6: Research Data Management Plans

The University recognises that Research Data Management Plans are an integral part of best practice in Research Data management. Research Data Management Plans are required for submission of competitive research grant applications including the ARC and the NHMRC. All Research Projects should be accompanied by a Research Data Management Plan (ACU Data Management Policy Revised 01/06/2017).

ACU Data management plan template

The data management plan templates below are available for you to download and fill out. If you are unsure about your answers, discuss with your colleagues or supervisor, check the other pages in this guide or contact your Librarian or 

Sample data management plans

Planning tools