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Statistics by state and territory



SEED A Shared Resource for Environmental Data from NSW Office of Heritage & Environment:


Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

NSW Education Data Hub


Median weekly rent and sales report


Transport for NSW Data and Research: reports on Opal monthly patronage by modes, household travel survey, and freight data

Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety statistics: including reports on crash and casualty statistics, road users, injury trends


NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research: BOCSAR


HealthStats NSW: reports on healthy eating, childhood immunisation, infectious diseases and more


NSW Family and Community Services FACS


Planning for business: a guide from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australians regularly provide the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) with information about their working life; how and where they live; family and family structures; what they spend their money on; and their hobbies or recreational activities. This information enables the ABS to put together a picture of Australia.

If you are considering starting up, or you're already in a small- or medium-sized business, ABS has information to help you make informed business decisions.

Topics covered include:

Creating your business plan

Business plan templates and samples are available from the following sources:

Patents, trademarks and copyright

Learn from other businesses with these Australian case studies

Company and industry websites


Open access ebooks

Find open access resources, including scholarly books and journal articles.