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Peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed articles:

  • undergo an extensive editorial process and professional scrutiny (often blind or anonymous) to ensure accuracy and high quality
  • are also known as refereed articles.

How can you tell a journal is peer-reviewed?

  • search for the journal title on Ulrichsweb and look for this icon grid_refereed.png
  • the journal's website may list peer-review information
  • some databases can limit search results to peer-reviewed articles only [select the 'Scholarly' or 'Peer-reviewed articles' limiter]. Check the database help page to discover if this feature is available.
  • In an ACU Library Search results list, select the 'Peer-reviewed journals' option.

Scholarly sources

‚ÄčScholarly sources:

  • are written by experts with academic qualifications and/or authoritative knowledge in the field
  • are evidence-based
  • are aimed at a scholarly audience
  • include references
  • are not always peer-reviewed, and therefore warrant checking.