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The Saint John's Bible at ACU

Locations at ACU

The seven volumes are distributed across the University. Each volume is housed in a custom-made cabinet. Current locations are:

  • Pentateuch (v.1) - North Sydney Campus Library
  • Historical Books (v.2) – Strathfield Campus Library
  • Wisdom Books (v.3) – Vice Chancellor's Office
  • Psalms (v.4) –  Ballarat Campus Library
  • Prophets (v.5) – Melbourne Chapel
  • Gospels and Acts (v.6) – Canberra Campus Library
  • Letters and Revelations (v.7) – Brisbane Campus Library

All volumes can be seen within their display cabinets. However, if you would like to arrange an appointment to view a volume in more detail, please contact us.

View it online

Selected pages from all seven volumes can be viewed on The Saint John's Bible website.