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A guide for Higher degree and Early career researchers

This guide provides information about the services and support available for ACU Higher Degree and Early Career researchers at all stages of the research life cycle.

Create a Researcher Profile

To ensure that you receive credit for your scholarly publications, you need to create a Researcher Profile. Researcher Profiles and Identifiers can be used to:​

  • differentiate your work from the work of other author's with similar names and accommodate any variations in the way you represent your name across your scholarly publications;
  • locate metrics such as citation counts and your H-index for all your publications; and
  • make your work more discoverable to the world.

Contact your Liaison Librarian for assistance to create an ORCiD, Researcher ID, to review your Scopus ID, and to integrate your current Identifiers with your ORCiD.


ORCID (Open Research and Contributor ID)

An example of an ORCID

Compare Researcher Profiles



ORCID is an open, non-profit and community-driven scheme. Researchers register and create their own profile by adding publications and/or linking to other author identity profiles. ACU Library recommends that researchers register for an ORCID.

Scopus author identifier Created for you by Scopus if you have publications indexed in that database. Search for yourself in Scopus to see if you have this ID.
ResearcherID Assigns a unique ID number to each registered researcher. Researchers must create and maintain their own profile by adding details of their publications, via the Web of Science database. Recommended if you have publications in Web of Science.
Google Scholar Citations Profile Set up a profile via your Google account. A Google Scholar Profile will display a limited set of metrics as calculated by publications in Google Scholar.

Creating your ORCID

1. Register for an ORCID at

2. Add details under Biography, Employment, and Funding by clicking the Add tab.

3. You can add details for your works by clicking Add works, then Search and link. This allows you to link your ORCID with a veriety of providers, including ANDS, CrossRef, DataCite, Researcher ID and Scopus.

Need Help

Contact your Librarian if you have an ORCID question or,

Browse the ORCID FAQs or,

See these Step by Step Instructions from ORCID