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ORCID and other Researcher Profiles

ORCID Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) is a global non-profit registry which provides researchers with a unique alpha-numeric identifier (an ORCID iD) plus a mechanism for linking research outputs to these identifiers.

How do I get an ORCID?

You need to register and create your own profile at , but your Librarian can help you with this.

ACU Researchers should register via the ORCID webpage using the Personal Account option. Do not register or connect on behalf of another staff member. Your ACU email address and the password you choose will become your ORCID sign in details. If you ever want to change the email address or the password, this can be done via the ‘Account Settings’ tab on your ORCID record.

When will I use my ORCID?

When applying for a grant or submitting an article for publication with a funder or publisher that has integrated with the ORCID registry, connect your iD by logging in with ORCID. You can also add it to your CV and your email signature.

What are the benefits of having an ORCID?

  • You can associate your ORCID identifier with your name variations and research works, ensuring that YOUR work is attributed to you. This will help you to get credit for your publications by uniquely identifying you as the author of your work across all systems integrated with the ORCID registry.
  • Your ORCID iD allows you to keep track of and report on your work with funders, publishers and institutions. The NHMRC and ARC Statement on Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) now requires researchers to have an ORCID for grant submissions
  • You can add your ORCID iD to manuscript submissions, grant applications, email signature, and CV to ensure that these organisations connect YOU with your research activities.
  • ORCID is a searchable registry that connects you to the global research community who have ORCID IDs 

What makes an ORCID different from other researcher IDs?

ORCID is an open, interdisciplinary initiative and allows greater linkage between researchers and their publications. It's being adopted worldwide by researchers, universities, funding organisations and publishers and can be integrated with institutional and publisher systems.

Before ORCID was created, some database vendors, including Scopus and Web of Science, created their own identifiers. These services are now fully compatible with ORCID:

·         You can import all publications associated with your Scopus or Researcher ID profiles into your ORCID profile

·         Any publication where you include your ORCID iD will automatically be added to your Web of Science or Scopus profile

What about privacy?

Your name will appear in your ORCID account. The ORCID number will be freely available along with your name. This is so you can be associated with your publications and they can be attributed to you.

You control the privacy settings and can set items (other than the iD number and your name) to be visible only to everyone, trusted organisations, or only you. You can choose what information to keep private and what to make public on your ORCID account and can edit your name. You can add further information to other fields on your ORCID account if you choose: what information is made public and what remains private is up to you.

Who manages my profile?

You do. You can also allow a trusted individual to edit your profile on your behalf.

I have created an ORCID and edited my profile. What do I do now?

Let us know and we can forward your ORCID to the Research Office and incorporate it into Research Bank so it can be added to your profile. You can email Library Research Services

How can I find out if I already have an ORCID ID?

Search for your name in the ORCID registry. If you try to register with the same email address as before, ORCID will ask you to log in rather than register; at this stage you can request to reset your password for that email address.  However if you register with a different email address, ORCID will assume you are a different person.

How do I add my ORCID iD to my email signature?

Copy your ORCID profile URL, then in Microsoft Outlook, click File>Preferences>Signatures and paste the ORCID URL into your standard signature. If you also want the ORCID icon, you can download it from the ORCID website.

What happens when I leave ACU?

Your ORCID ID travels with you - simply update your contact details.