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ORCID and other Researcher Profiles

Scopus Author Identifier

Scopus automatically generates an author identifier for authors in the Scopus database and attempts to disambiguate authors and build an author profile. Your profile will include:

  • a list your publications (from which you can view article level metrics)
  • details about your citations and co-authors
  • your h-index 

Connecting your Scopus ID to your ORCID profile

How do I get a Scopus Author Identifier?

Scopus automatically generates your Scopus Author ID when you have a publication indexed in the Scopus database - there is no need to register or create an account.  If you have not published in a journal indexed in the Scopus database you will not have any Author ID.

To find your Scopus Author ID:

  • Use the Authors Search with your name only to identify all profiles under that name in Scopus. If you can see only one profile in the results, select the author name to open and view the profile details, and verify that these are your publications - note the Author ID is displayed under affiliation details in this record.
  • If you can identify that there is more than one profile for you in search results by checking publications listed, you will need to complete the Scopus author feedback wizard to combine into a single ID- you will receive an email with your Scopus Author ID details within 2 weeks. You cannot edit your author profile yourself, but you can request corrections if publications are incorrectly assigned (or missing from) your profile or you find other errors.