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eBooks at ACU

This guide explains: what eBooks are, which ones ACU Library subscribes to and how to access, print and download them.


MyiLibrary is a multidisciplinary ebook collection covering subjects such as education, law, nursing, arts, social sciences, philosophy and religion. This collection contains a wide range of research, reference and reading materials that you can access from any location.

Loan & Download an ebook

Some textbooks listed in your unit outline which appear in MyiLibrary are available to be checked out for loan.

Your bookshelf, located under ‘My Account’, contains a list of e-book titles you have checked out and a list of titles that you have on hold. You use your bookshelf to review and download titles you have selected. You need to login to your personal MyiLibrary account before you can access your bookshelf.

MyiLibrary open and download imageOnce you have downloaded an e-book, it is formally checked out to you. The title automatically expires and e-books are automatically returned at the end of their checkout period. You cannot return books early and they cannot be renewed. Generally you can check out the book immediately it has been returned.

There are limits to the number of ebooks you can checkout (10) and limits on the number of holds (5) you can place. You have 48 hours to download a title once you have placed it in your bookshelf or received an email that a hold is available for you in your bookshelf.

How to download to a computer

You will need to install Adobe® Digital Editions  on your computer to download the ebooks from MyiLibrary. You will need to create an Adobe ID to install this software.

Adobe Digital Editions has been designed for reading ebooks and will allow you to transfer protected books between multiple devices and computers. You will need to authorise each of your devices with your Adobe ID.

How to download to a mobile device

For Android devices, iPad and iPhone use Bluefire.
Bluefire reader app icon

The Bluefire reader is required to read PDF and EPUB files on your mobile device. You will need an Adobe ID to authorise this app to read downloaded ebooks from Myilibrary.

For other supported eReaders
View the list of supported eReaders and mobile phone applications on the MyiLibrary HELP page.

Download Adobe® Digital Editions to your computer then transfer the downloaded ebook from Adobe digital editions to your device, following the particular instructions for your eReader/mobile phone app.

Amazon’s original Kindle cannot be used to read MyiLibrary ebooks. Kindle Fire can be used.

Print and copying

You may print chapters, sections or pages within the copyright restrictions of the title. You are allowed to copy or print up to 10% of the total pages in a title.
If you wish to copy and paste text from an ebook page into your notes, use your keyboard copy and paste commands.

Making Notes

MyiLibrary allows you to make notes for an ebook. You will need an account to create notes. You can update, save, print and delete notes.

Citation and styles

To view the ebook citation in 5 available styles, including APA, Chicago and Harvard, select the Citation tab once you have opened the ebook.

Exporting the citation to EndNote

You can export to EndNote by selecting Bibliographic Details > Export to EndNote in the menu of an open ebook.