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eBooks at ACU

This guide explains: what eBooks are, which ones ACU Library subscribes to and how to access, print and download them.

EBL - Ebook Library @ACU Library


You will find EBL eBooks either individually when you are in Library Search or you can access the EBL - Ebook library collection.

Whether you access EBL on or off campus, you will always be prompted to login with your ACU username and password.

Image of ACU Library login page

All EBL eBooks can be read online or downloaded.

All EBL eBooks are available in PDF but not all books are available in the ePUB format.

You can download EBL eBooks on campus on student public computers as ADE is installed on these computers.

You can also view online and download EBL eBooks onto your personal computer, mobile devices or supported eReaders.

When the loan expires, the book will disappear from your computer or device. To access it again after your loan period has expired, go back to EBL and download the book again.

Printing and copying

Adobe Reader is required in order to print and copy ebook content.
Adobe Reader Get Button

You need to create a loan before you can print or copy. Click on the Print or Copy icon on the blue toolbar and then Yes (create a loan).

EBL Copy/Print button

Click Print in the menu bar at the top of the screen. EBL allows users to print up to 20% and copying up to 5% of the title.

Downloading to PCs, tablets, phones, eReaders

For Personal computers (Windows or Mac OS)

You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions 

For Tablets/Phones with IOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android

The Bluefire reader is required to read EBL eBooks on your mobile device. You will need an Adobe ID to authorise use of this app with EBL eBooks.

Bluefire reader icon

For Supported eReaders:

  • Sony Reader PRS-505 and PRS-700
  • Kobo
  • iRiver

You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions  to your computer, but no additional software is required for your eReader. Download the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions, and then transfer the ebooks from Adobe Digital Editions to your eReader. As each brand of eReader is a little different, follow the particular instructions provided by your eReader.

Amazon's Kindle (eReader) cannot be used to view EBL eBooks. Kindle Fire can be used.

Before you download

Before you can download an EBL eBook in ePUB or PDF format you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on to your computer. Firstly you will be asked to create an Adobe ID.

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a separate application from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and has been designed specifically for reading eBooks. It will allow you to transfer protected books between multiple computers and mobile devices. You need to authorize each of your machines with your Adobe ID.

 Adobe Digital Editions FAQs

Digital Editions Get Icon

EBL Downloading

You can download an eBook on to more than one personal device at a time during the loan period. For downloading to all personal computers or mobile devices:

1. Once you have located the book, click on the title

2. Click the read online button  EBL read online icon


3. Click the download tab  EBL Download tab image

4. Select the loan length from the drop-down menu: up to 3 days (depends on the title), e.g.:

ebrary loan length image

5. Select format if more than one is available (ePUB is preferred)

EBL download format icons

6. Click on Download  EBL download button

For personal computers and laptops, click on Open and the eBook will open in Adobe Digital Editions

For mobile devices and tablets, the eBook will now appear in BlueFire reader.

For supported eReaders, download to your computer, connect your eReader and transfer from Adobe Digital Editions.