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eBooks at ACU

This guide explains: what eBooks are, which ones ACU Library subscribes to and how to access, print and download them.

Adobe Digital Editions and downloading

Some eBooks are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. DRM systems control the use of digital content, such as downloadable songs, DVDs, games, and of course, eBooks.

  • DRM-protected eBooks include: EBL - Ebook Library, Ebrary and EBSCO eBook Collection.
  • To download DRM-protected library eBooks, you need Adobe® Digital Editions (ADE) software. ADE allows you to download and read material protected by DRM, and supports eBook formats, such as PDF, EPUB, Mobi, and HTML.

To download a DRM-protected book:

1. Download ADE software (free) onto your personal computer. Student computers on campus already have ADE loaded. ACU staff will need to check their individual staff computer and install if required (lodge a ServiceDesk call if you need assistance).

2. Create an Adobe ID. If you don't already have one, then please visit the Adobe website and complete the form. The first time you run Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), you will be asked to activate it with the Adobe ID and password you just created.

3. With ADE installed, you don't even need a digital reader as you can read EPUB books on your computer directly from within Digital Editions.

4. Sync the computer with your e-device and then transfer the eBook from your computer to your e-device.

5. If you have an iPad you can use the Bluefire Reader app to download EBL titles.

ADE does not support Amazon Kindle e-readers. This means that you can't download DRM-protected books onto a Kindle.

EBL downloading

EBL downloading ebook options image

Bluefire eReader App

Bluefire is a popular free application (app) for users wanting to read library books on the iPad.

The epubbook blog has useful advice and instructions:

1. First, download the Bluefire Reader app from iTunes (available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).

2. Activate Bluefire with your Adobe ID; start the app and on the “Library” page click the “Info” icon, located at the bottom. Here you will see the button for activating your Bluefire reader.

3. Next, visit the Library online, checkout an eBook, and click the download link – when asked to save or open, select “Open with Digital Editions”.

4. Using iTunes transfer the book to the Bluefire app;

  • Connect your iPad to a computer and start iTunes.
  • Select your device (iPad/iPhone) and click on the “Apps” tab.
  • Scroll down to the “File Sharing” section and click the “Bluefire Reader” icon in the Apps section.
  • Click the “Add…” button.

5. Browse to where Adobe Digital Editions has stored your eBook. By default they will be saved to one of these locations;

On Windows: your-home-directory/Documents/My Digital Editions
On OSX: your-home-directory/Documents/Digital Editions

6. The EPUB book will then transfer to Bluefire -- then start reading.