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This guide will show you how to use RefWorks at ACU.

About RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based database and bibliography management tool. It enables you to collaborate, store and organise your research. Enter citations as you work, import references retrieved from article databases and the library catalog into your RefWorks database and create bibliographies in a variety of formats. You can use in on or off line, and use your mobile device. 

Use this quick start guide to learn more about RefWorks.

Link to Refworks quick start guide

The Australian Catholic University has an organisational subscription to RefWorks.  ACU staff and students can access it both on campus and off campus.

Learn More about RefWorks

Why RefWorks?

The ACU Library recommends RefWorks because it enables staff and students to:

  • Add and import citations,
  • Create and export bibliographies (in various styles),
  • Colloborate with colleagues, 
  • Store references online.

** It is best to use RefWorks if you have access to an Internet connection. If you work mostly offline, we recommend EndNote ! **

RefWorks Website

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For more information on associated RefWorks modules, tools and resources, visit the RefWorks website: