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This guide will show you how to get and use EndNote at ACU

Customising the EndNote Library Display

Changes to how EndNote displays in the main library window can be made by selecting EndNote X8 > Preferences > Display Fields. Selecting EndNote Defaults will revert to default field settings.

The position of the column headings can changed by dragging the headings.

Library Sort order

You can sort your library references by selecting the field headings: Author, Year, Title, Journal etc.

Library Window Layout

The Layout button  can change the layout of the following panels in the library window:  

  • Groups panel (under My Library)
  • Reference panel (incl. Reference, Preview, Attachment)

Searching for References

For a quick search from the main EndNote library, select All References in the My Library pane and use the Search Library box located on the toolbar.

Type the author's family name or a keyword, press Enter, and the matching records will appear on the screen. If you want to search a group only, you can restrict the group by using the drop down options next to the search box.

Saving and restoring a compressed copy of a library

You can save your whole library, or part of it, as a compressed file in order to make a back-up copy or email it to a colleague. 

To save a compressed library file to your USB or other location:

  • Go to File menu and select Compressed Library (.enlx) 
  • In the dialogue box choose either Create or Create & Email  
  • Choose other options as required 
  • Select OK and Save in your desired location. If you selected the Create & Email option, your default email system will be launched with the compressed library file attached to it

To restore your compressed library file, make sure EndNote is open, find the stored file and double click on it.  

Updating Online References

Highlight a reference, References > Find Reference Updates.

EndNote highlights the differences in a side by side comparison. You can choose to update the empty fields only, replace all the fields or copy and paste specific information


EndNote will find duplicates of references and allow you to compare them side by side on the screen, with auto-highlights and locked scrolling, so that you can select which one you want to keep. In the menu, select References > Find Duplicates. Compare the records displayed on the screen and select the one to keep by clicking the Keep This Record tab. The duplicate will be automatically discarded from your library.

EndNote can automatically eliminate duplicate references retrieved from an online search. Open the EndNote X8 menu, select Preferences > Duplicates. Tick the box Automatically Discard Duplicates. Save.