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This guide will show you how to get and use EndNote at ACU

Customising the EndNote Library Display

  • To change the fields displayed (e.g. to display all authors in the Author field box), go to Edit >  Preferences  >  Display Fields
  • Choose the fields you want to display from the drop down menu
  • Select Apply > OK

These settings will now apply to all of your EndNote libraries.

Library sort order

  • Change the sort order in your EndNote library by selecting References > Sort References
  • Select one or more fields to sort
  • Choose the Ascending or Descending order buttons
  • Select Sort

Library window layout

The layout of the panels in the library window can be changed by using the Layout button on the bottom right hand corner:

  • Groups panel (under My Library)
  • Reference panel (incl. Reference, Preview, Attachment)

Column headings in EndNote library window can be dragged to new positions.

Searching for References

To find references when you have a large library:

  • Select Tools > Search Library or enter quick search term in search box on right of tool bar 
  • Enter search terms 
  • Choose Search Results in the left column
  • Esc cancels a search in progress
  • When you have finished working with your search results, choose References > Show All References in the menu bar to view your complete library

Saving and Restoring a compressed copy of a library

You can save your library as a compressed file if you need to do the following:

  • Make a back-up copy
  • Email to a colleague
  • Work between different computers

Instructions are available from the Curtin University EndNote LibGuide;.

Updating Online References

Select a reference(s), select References > Find Reference Updates. EndNote highlights the differences in side-by-side dialog boxes. You can choose to update the empty fields only, replace all the fields or copy and paste specific information.


To find duplicates select References > Find Duplicates. Compare the records in the the side-by-side screens and choose the one you want to keep by selecting the Keep this record button.

To set-up auto-deleting of duplicates retrieved from online searches, open Edit > select Preferences > Duplicates > tick the Automatically Discard Duplicates box > select OK.

Warning: make sure you don't delete a cited reference when deleting duplicates. Always Cross-reference the Record Number in a reference (add it as a field) to the references listed in your active Word document (shown in the Endnote library display pane).

Editing and Deleting References

  • Copy and paste references = Ctrl C and Ctrl V. The new reference will be highlighted. Always edit the new reference
  • File/ Revert reference discards all changes made to a currently open reference since it was last opened or saved
  • Delete references = References/ Move References to Trash (Shortcut: Ctrl D)