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This research guide will provide you with starting points for finding information for music.

New Music Books @ ACU Library

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Chamber music 785
Choral music (mixed voices) 782.5
Composers 789
Composition 781.3
Elements of music 781.2
General principles & musical forms 781
Instruments & instrumental ensembles & their music 783
Music - Dictionaries & encyclopedias 780.3
Music - Philosophy & theory 780.1
Music history 780.903-904
Music of particular countries 780.94-99
Specific instruments and their music 973
Techniques of music 781.4
Traditions of music 781.6
Vocal music 782

Key Books to Help You Write About Music

eBook Collections

Key eBook collections for Music. For more information about using eBooks at ACU please refer to the eBook Subject Guide.