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eBooks at ACU

This guide explains: what eBooks are, which ones ACU Library subscribes to and how to access, print and download them.

eBook Benefits

  • Accessible 24x7
  • Accessible regardless of location
  • Ability to search within text
  • High quality content
  • Never waiting to be reshelved
  • Never any library fines

    eBooks at ACU

    The Library electronic book (eBook) collections cover many subject areas - everything from business, the humanities, health, to theology and education. eBooks are electronic versions of books and can be viewed online. You can browse eBooks for quick research, answers to reference questions, or read literature at your leisure.

    They’re available for you to use online, even when the Library is closed.

    Most eBooks are available to read online, while printing, copying and downloading features vary.

    Can't find an eBook? Ask your Librarian


    Can more than one person read an eBook at the same time?

    This varies according to the platform and the publisher, but generally multiple users can access a book at the same time. Ebsco (Netlibrary) eBooks usually only allow a single user at a time. When you click on 'ebook Full Text' if you get the message that says, "Sorry, this ebook is in use" you will have to come back later to access it. The book will remain unavailable for 30 minutes after the last user closed out of it.

    Can I download the eBook to my device?  How?

    While it is possible to download books from some platforms not all eBook platforms allow downloading and and reading off line of entire books. Check the tab for the platform you are using to see if this is possible and also look at the "downloading eBooks" tab for further information.

    How long can I download it for?

    This varies from platform to platform.  For example, the maximum EBL download is 3 days, although a shorter loan period can be chosen.

    What happens if I go over time? Do I get a fine?

    No fines, but the book will no longer be able to be read on your device.

    How much can I print?

    eBooks are subject to the normal copyright restrictions which allow downloading/printing of up to one chapter of a book, or 10% of the number of pages of a book... (although a very few publishers allow more...)

    How many eBooks?

    The Library has over 240,000 ebooks from numerous scholarly publishers like Oxford, Springer, Palgrave, Routledge, etc.