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Leganto reading list

Lecturer guide

Linking to a Leganto content

Note: When reading lists are 'rolled over' in Leganto, a new reading list is created.  

If you roll over a LEO unit that has embedded links to leganto readings or sections, these will need to be manually updated in LEO to point to the new leganto reading list.

You can link directly to sections or citations in your leganto reading list in LEO.  To do this

1. Access the Leganto platform and locate the relevant reading list in the 'Lists' menu.

2. From the relevant section or citation in the list, select the ellipsis menu on the right, and the 'Link from the Moodle to here' button.                       

3. Copy the custom parameter provided (for the particular section or citation) to your clipboard.

4. Then, go to the relevant unit in LEO.

5. Turn editing on 

6. Select Add Activity and External Tool

7. In the Adding a new External tool box

  • Type a name in the Activity Name field 
  • Select Reading List from the Preconfigured tool drop down menu.
  • and click on Show more.


8. Scroll to the Custom parameters field and paste in the parameter you saved to your clipboard from Leganto.  (Paste = Ctl. + V).

9. Select Embed from the Launch container drop down.

10. Click on Save and return to unit.

Back in LEO a direct link to your section or reading will be displayed.