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Create subsequent reading lists (via My Lists)

The Create It wizard is only available when a reading list is not already associated with your LEO unit.

If you want to create multiple reading lists for the one LEO unit, you will need to create a reading list from the  'My Lists' page on Leganto.

When creating reading lists from the My Lists page, you will need to manually associate the reading list with your LEO unit. Note: When you use the Create it wizard Leganto automatically associates the reading list for you.

To create a reading list from the My Lists tab on Leganto:

1.  Click on the New List button on the right hand side of the My Lists page


2. Give your reading list a title and a brief description. Select Create.

3. Select a template

Templates without dates, such as the 'Weekly Sections Without Dates' Template and the 'Module Sections' template is recommended if you think you will roll over your reading list in future semesters.

4. The Associate to Course window should open automatically. 

See the instructions on associating a list below ** important **.

Associating your reading list with LEO

Once your list is created via 'My Lists', you will be prompted to associate the list with a course. Follow these steps to associate your list.

1. Select Associate List

2. A dialogue box will appear where you can search by unit code (e.g. PHIL_104).  Make sure you select the instance of your unit code that is an exact match for the unit code (e.g. PHIL_104), study period (e.g. 201860) and section code (ie. attendance mode for e.g. 2C Brisbane Attendance).

If you are unsure which unit to choose, refer to the Banner Codes Reference Guide.

There are various banner attendance codes for the various study periods and attendance/multi mode offerings.  Choosing the incorrect section code when associating your reading list will mean that your reading list won't display in LEO.


If the course association box does not automatically appear, or you need to change which unit the reading list is associated with. Click on the ellipsis button at the top of the reading list page to manage the course association options.

Select associate to a course

To test whether your Leganto reading list is associated with the correct LEO unit, click on the Leganto link you added to LEO. If this link doesn't automatically open your leganto reading list, the list is not associated correctly. Contact your  Librarian for further assistance.