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Mental Health

The Search Process

1. Define the Key Concepts and alternate terms

Most research questions have 2-3 key concepts that you need to combine to find relevant articles

e.g. schizophrenia AND medication AND adherence

and any alternate terms e.g. adherence OR compliance

All the relevant health databases, (CINAHL Medline & PsycINFO)  have the Ebsco interface, where the default search is the basic search.

2. Select the Advanced Search it sets out the search for you one concept per line


          Use the Asterix * to get all the different endings to your search terms

                                      e.g. medicat* = medicate medication medications

3. Refine your results     

Limit your search results by

  • date,
  • type of article e.g. randomised controlled trial
  • Country
  • Age group
  • Language



4. Evaluate and retrieve the full article 

All articles in ACU databases provide a link to the pdf OR a link to find the article in our collection

Unfortunately we do not have everything so be prepared to find an alternative if your article is not available.  There will be others on your topic



Information is everywhere....

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The benefits of using databases

  • You do not get a million results
  • You get access to everything ACU subscribes to
  • You are searching peer-reviewed information
  • You can combine your searches for greater relevance
  • You can print and save your search strategy