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Business / Commerce

This research guide will provide you with starting points for finding information on business and commerce.

Find a case of organisational failure

Assessment task 2: individual organisational problem analysis

The link to the Australian Human Rights Commission takes you to a page of 'hot topics', this will give you ideas of organisational failures. 

Match a failing that you are interested in with Australian and Case in a Google search.


Continue your research into the case by using the News resources to the right.

Government inquiries into cases.

Assessment task 2: individual organisational problem analysis

Search for your company name with inurl:gov in Google to find government reports, media releases, inquiries and more.

These are government departments that regulate organisations and report on their failings.

Newspaper articles reporting on your organisations failure and post-failure activities

Assessment task 2: individual organisational problem analysis

Assessment 2 Post -failure activities

Assessment task 2: individual organisational problem analysis, part 3.

3. Describe what the organisation did post-failure to prevent a reoccurrence and to recover the organisations reputation and stakeholders trust. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisations response to the failure, and make recommendations for what could have been done better and/or moving forward. In making these recommendations that are viable and within the organisation's capacity to implement.

Use these key words in the library search box :

  • crisis communication
  • crisis management
  • public relations
  • risk communication

Library Search

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